Institutional Committees

Career Counselling Committee

The objective of the Career Counselling Committee is to facilitate the development of students into an integrated and well adjusted individual. The Committee provides comprehensive guidance and counselling services needed to accomplish stipulated educational goals. The Committee assists students in developing life skills like interpersonal skills, effective communication skills, decision making skills, problem solving skills, leadership skills and self learning skills essential for a productive life. The Committee conducts workshops, seminars and special events to assist students in Career Planning.

Some of the activities conducted in the past year:

  • An Alumni interaction –Guidance in cracking competitive examinations like NET, SLET, GATE, CAT and other examinations for public sectors jobs after graduation.
  •  A 3- day students development programme on “Interviewing Skills and Group Discussion”.
  • In collaboration with some B-schools, seminars on “Career opportunities in the private sector after MBA Degree”.
  •  “An orientation on Career Counselling” for the freshers to make them understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course and make them aware of the best career options.
  • Seminar to assist students interested to “Study Abroad” in top UK Universities.

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee aims to nurture artistic interest, with a blend of tradition and modernity, among the students of the College. The functions of the Committee are mostly reflected in the celebrations of Library Day (commemorating the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore) and Vidyasagar Diwas (remembering the contribution of the great social reformer Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar). On these occasions, the committee organises different competitive events to hone the creative skills of students across all streams. Invited lectures by eminent scholars, artistes or literary personalities add to the curricular and co-curricular life of the college. Such initiatives create awareness among students through participatory learning and collaborative activities. These programmes often help to connect the cultural penchant of teachers and students through exchange of ideas. The Annual Book Exhibition, Shrigyan, is a significant addition to the list of events organised by the committee.

Cultural Committee Reports

Entrepreneurship Cell Shri Vriddhi in Collaboration with Wadhwani Foundation

The E-Cell of Shri Shikshayatan College was set up in 2008. The College runs regular Entrepreneurship Course which trains students

  • And inculcates the passion and spirit among students to pursue entrepreneurship.
  • Spreads the knowledge about entrepreneurship through guest lectures etc.
  • Motivates students to develop their own Start-ups.
  • Helps Identify the brightest ideas and giving them a platform to convert them into real ventures.

In the 2021 23 Students of Entrepreneurship Foundation Course have received international Certification from Wadhwani Foundation.

The Shri Vriddhi Students have always been very active. Before Covid they used to organise E-Week. Post Covid they organised the first one day Intra College Entrepreneurship competition “Shree Arohan” 2022. The event had inspiring stories from Vineeta Dudheria an ex student and a successful entrepreneur. Budding Student Entrepreneurs put up stalls for a few hours and saw sales of over 50,000 Rupees. There were also Quiz on Entrepreneurship, Competition on Business Plan and how to start a Business.

BA/BSc Examination Committee

The Examination committee deals with matters related to various examinations held by the college in accordance with Calcutta University rules and regulations and decisions taken by the Teachers’ body.


  • To  conduct smooth and timely examinations for students of the BA/BSc stream.
  •  In particular, scheduling of  Mid-term and Selection Examinations for the Annual system and Internal Examination and Tutorial for the Semester system.
  • To make necessary arrangements for examinations that include preparing the examination schedule, allotting rooms for proper seating arrangement, distribution of question papers to the respective departments on the day of examination etc.
  • To coordinate between different departments, the office and the Principal for conducting examinations.


Following the Examination Guideline given by CU, the committee conducted Mid-term and Selection Examinations for the Annual system between 2017-January, 2020 and Internal and Tutorial examinations since November 2018 for the semester system.

Under the pandemic, between 2020 and 2022, the committee coordinated all the online examinations including :

  • BA/BSc. Part-I, Part-II and Part-III Examinations and Supplementary examinations held by CU under the Annual system
  • Internal and Tutorial examinations held by the college
  • All End-semester online examinations held by CU

Freeship Committee

Objectives and Mode of Function

The Freeship Committee of Shri Shikshayatan College seeks to ensure that no student of the college is forced to leave her education due to financial constraints.

The college has an established procedure for inviting applications.

The Principal of the college and other academic staff members constitute the committee.

The committee meets the guardians of the students who apply for the Freeship scheme.

After a verification process the Committee takes a decision regarding providing financial assistance to deserving candidates which could be full or partial, based on academic performance / regularity/ socio – economic status.

The recommendation of the committee is forwarded to the management for final decision.

Leadership Training Service (L.T.S)

L.T.S is a youth movement started in 1959 with an objective of building leaders of tomorrow along with it inculcating in them a sense of social responsibility. L.T.S was started in Shri Shikshayatan College in 2008 and this is one of the three colleges in Kolkata to offer its students an opportunity to be a part of this training.

L.T.S focuses on three aspects:

  • Leadership building through events like DUCTUS, ESCORTIA, IGNITE etc which emphasize on public speaking, team building, etc.
  • Social Service by raising funds for helping the society through building libraries in rural areas, donating sewing machines, wheelchairs , teaching the rural and street kids , etc
  • Environmental Concern through programs like EARTHUSIASM, FOREST WEEK , DIA VERDE etc which focuses on plantation of saplings and making people aware of environment and sustainability.

Annual Report

Medical Committee

The Medical Committee of the college was formed to provide basic medical facilities and support to the students and staff of the college during college hours. This includes providing First Aid and measurement of basic parameters. Doctors also conduct clinics in the campus for general health check-up of students and staff. Mental health issues are also addressed by visiting counsellor.
During the pandemic period the Medical Committee played an active role to conduct vaccination camps for students, staff members and their families. Online events on Mental Wellbeing, Covid prevention and care were also conducted. The members of the committee also took part in arranging quarantine room with necessary aids for covid support.
The Medical Committee is always proactive in conducting various health camps and events in collaboration with renowned hospitals and health care clinics which also include availing their services at discounted rates for the students and staff of the college.

Annual Reports

NSS Unit

Our college has one NSS Unit with 100 volunteers operating since 2009. The unit works throughout the year doing various programmes. The students do regular activities in our adopted slum, Tiljala Shed and Little Sisters of the Poor. A special camp of seven days duration is held every year to make some tangible change in the lives of the less privileged. Blood Donation Camp is an annual event where the students and teachers participate to achieve the target. Apart from this dental camp, eye camp, menstrual hygiene camp, AIDS awareness camp are held every year in collaboration with NGOs. Also as per central government directives we have taken special initiatives for celebrating “Van Mahotsav”, Meri Maati Mera Desh, National Sports Day, NSS day and many more. The students also organize various seminars on pertinent issues of environment and social importance. During any natural calamity the students try to support the affected community in various ways. Apart from this volunteers attend programmes outside the college and take part in student seminars Through different activities NSS tries to help in the development of empathy and team spirit in the students.

Documentation Committee:

The objectives and purpose of the Documentation Committee is to collect and maintain records of all departmental and faculty activities. To this end, a format is sent to all the departments twice a year – once at the middle of the academic session for the period July – December, and again at the end of the academic session for the period January – June. The information is then compiled and maintained under different headings.

The Documentation Committee is made up of faculty members across all streams and departments and its activities are coordinated by the convenor, also a faculty member.

Research Committee

The Research Committee of Shri Shikshayatan College is an ambitious endeavour. Even though an affiliated college has little scope for research, the committee was formed in order to provide an additional dimension to the institution’s teaching-learning process. For both undergraduate and postgraduate students the society provides a publication platform for independent research-based term papers and group projects through its journal IMPACT. The committee regularly organises special lectures, webinars and workshops by renowned scholars who provide supplementary support to curricular studies. In its aspiration to widen vistas and map new horizons of knowledge that cannot be addressed through prescribed syllabi, the committee makes every attempt to expose students to emerging areas of enquiry through its events. Further, the research committee initiates, implements, sustains and expands collaborations with other institutions in both academia and industry, in order to secure stellar higher educational and professional opportunities for students. The valuable interface that it provides has resulted in prestigious MOUs with higher education bodies and NGOs, which in turn offer a wealth of opportunities to both teachers and students by way of joint supervision, resource sharing, internships and fieldwork. Building on its success, the Research Committee plans to upgrade its existing journal and bring out peer-reviewed publications. It proposes to continue its endeavours to facilitate associations with reputed organisations for academic enrichment and professional openings for students. Finally, it aims to be the propelling force behind the research impetus at all levels of the college.

Routine Committee

The B.A./B.Sc Routine Committee of the College comprises eight faculty members. The Committee prepares the routine for review by the Heads of all departments. After obtaining suggestions from the HODs the routine is finalised and published. The Committee then allocates rooms for scheduled classes. It also allocates room for special programmes held in the College.


To prepare a class schedule, both online and offline, for the students of Honours and General courses in an academic session.

Social Welfare Committee

Social Welfare Committee is one of the four units of social outreach services practised in Shri Shikshayatan College. The main objective of the committee is to build empathy among young minds which will help them to think and work for the benefit of a wide section of the society .

During the last five years, Social Welfare Committee has been able to develop awareness among the students regarding their social responsibilities-towards children with special needs and towards the elderly. The students used to visit Nirmala Shishu Bhavan at regular intervals to spend quality time with children with special needs during the years 2017-18 and 2018-19 and ‘Navaneer’, an old age home in Chetla, performing cultural programmes and interacting with the inmates during 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Other than the above mentioned visits, Social Welfare Committee in collaboration with the N.G.O. SANCHAR organized the ‘Wish Tree Project’ just before Durga Puja on the day of ‘Shree’, to fulfil the wishes of the underprivileged children in 2018 and 2019.A health camp was organized in collaboration with ‘Asthma and Allergy Research Centre’ in December, 2018 where the students took an active part. In November 2019, a blood donation camp was organised in collaboration with the other social outreach services where members of the Social Welfare Committee volunteered. They donated blood themselves and also encouraged students to come forward to this noble cause.

All these activities were performed by the involved students with utmost dedication and enthusiasm which have helped in their holistic development and prepared them for their future lives.

Staff Room Committee

The Staff Room Committee is the Social Committee of the Full time Teaching Staff of Shri Shikshayatan College.

The Staff Room Committee was one of the first Committees to be set up in the College, and over the years it has evolved.

The Staff Room Committee

  • Organises the Welcome of new full time faculty member to the college.
  • Organises farewells for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of the College.
  • Organises Felicitations for PHD and other academic achievements, along with the birth of babies for Faculty Members.
  • Organises gifts for Faculty members’ marriages and other social occasions.
  • Organises the gifts to be given from faculty members’ to Non-Teaching Staff on any social occasion.
  • Organises Picnics and overnight trips for Faculty Members.
  • Organises Food for each Teacher’s Council meeting from money contributed from all Full time Faculty members’.
  • Manages the lockers to be given to Faculty Members’ in staff Room.
  • Looks after the cleanliness of the Staff Room and Proper organisation of the teachers’ notice board in the staff room.
  • Organises Condolences for Teaching Staff, Non-Teaching Staff and Management
  • Organises flowers and condolence card to be delivered in case of bereavement in any Faculty members’ family, from Principal and all faculty members.

Thus through its activities the Staff Room Committee fosters Social relationship among staff members and makes the working space more congenial and lessens any work related stress for our Faculty members’ who devote long working hours in the college.

Student’s Council Committee

Student’s Council of College is an apolitical and elected students’ body representing students across all programs. The students of the college play a proactive role in the institutional life of the college The Council organizes student related activities from time to time such as Teachers’ Day, Fresher’s Welcome, and Students’ Farewell. The College Annual Fest – Srijan is organized exclusively by the Students’ Council, where planning, designing and execution of this inter college event is done over a period of three to four months. The fest showcases the qualities of leadership, organization and initiative of our students, fostering team spirit and camaraderie. Students voluntarily take the lead in putting up stalls in the Annual Cuisine Fair, “Shree”. The funds generated from this fair are generously donated for social cause.

Departmental academic programmes like Memorial Lectures and Workshop, Seminars and Webinars are organized by the students under the guidance of the teachers. Students play an active role in Foundation Day, Annual Function, and Annual Sports Meet as participants and volunteers.

Class Representatives act as a liaison between teachers and students as well as between various committees regarding academic and other related matters. They are instrumental also in facilitating meaningful communication not only between different student groups but also across programmes.

The Students are an important part of the Library Advisory Committee and also of the Women’s Forum. Debsoc, Charcha, Imprint, Quidra  are students societies where students engage with tremendous enthusiasm and creativity. They also contribute significantly as editorial members and authors in the different departmental journals. Outreach activities through NSS, LTS, SWC and COSU continue to be an important component of student participation.

The year 2022 began with Celebration of Students Week from 1st January to 7th January where various programmes were organized for the benefits of the students.

Website Committee
The Website Committee was formed in April 2022 to create a new structure of the Shri Shikshayatan College Website and display in an organized manner all information regarding the college in a public platform through the internet.
The key factors kept in mind while preparing the new structure were as follows:
Reviewing the content of the existing website

  • Updating all information of the college
  • Showcasing all key aspects of the college
  • Providing greater access to all stakeholders
  • Facilitating ease of accessing relevant information
  • Allowing an interactive platform to stay connected with all stakeholders

The Committee comprising teachers, administrative staff and IT experts holds intermittent meetings with the Web Developer to design new layouts and updating information as and when required.

Women’s Forum

The Women’s forum was formed in 2003. Over the years it has grown thanks to the efforts of both teachers and students as well as, the Principal and Management. It has organized several awareness programmes on legal rights, entrepreneurship, self-defense, gender sensitization, etc. Some of them were in collaboration with women’s organizations and other NGOs such as SWAYAM, Human Rights Law Network. Every year it observes the International Women’s Day with great enthusiasm. The sesquicentennial year of Sister Nivedita’s birth has been observed by the Forum in 2018. The first issue of its journal titled “Women Talk” was published in 2009. Since its inception, “Women Talk” has been a platform for both teachers and students in expressing together ideas and views on all those issues that touch our lives.

Programmes/webinars/workshops/conferences/special lectures oragnized by the Forum

Date Title of the programme Name of resource person/organization Platform
 19.04.2024 Talk on “Pedagogy of cooking: ‘New’ Woman and the Male Cook” :Dr. Utsa Ray – Designation: Assistant Professor, Department of History, Jadavpur University Online