Assistant Professor(CFT)
Smt. Jayita Dasgupta, M.Sc., MBA
Assistant Professor(CFT) Dr. Chitralekha Sengupta, M.Com., MBA, Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer Shri. Gautam Dasgupta, MBA
Guest Lecturer Shri. Saptarshi Ray, M.Com.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Arundhati Mukherjee, M.Sc., M.Sc.
Guest Lecturer Shri. Shreyansh Shah, M.Com., PGDBFM
Guest Lecturer Smt. Paromita Chakravorty, M.Sc., M.Phil
Guest Lecturer Smt. Sutapa Sen, M.Sc., M.Phil
Guest Lecturer Smt. Somdutta Roy, M.Sc.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Lubna Gazal, M.Com., B.Ed.

The BBA Department not only provides impetus to academics but also focuses on various extra-curricular activities which are aimed to groom students to work in a business-friendly environment and prepare them to meet the requirements and challenges of the industry. The departmental activities are mainly student-centric in nature which are aimed to boost the skills and competencies of the students and prepare them well to fulfill their career goals. The salient features of the department include :

Special lectures by eminent academicians & industry personnel are being organized by the department from time to time.

Career Guidance Seminars as well as Seminars on management related topics are organized for students to keep themselves abreast with the business environment.

Active Learning Day where students of the department actively participate in various events such as powerpoint presentations, logo designing competitions, poster making competitions, etc. to provide them with an unique learning experience and motivate the students to realize their innate potential and mould their overall personality.

Inter-collegiate management fest titled “PODIUM” which is solely organized and managed by the students of the BBA Department.

Participatory learning activities are also adopted by the faculty that develop an application based outlook and include class discussions on current topics, case analysis, presentations, industry internships and project work.

Programmes/webinars/workshops/conferences/special lectures oragnized by the department

Date Title of the programme Name of resource person/organization Platform
15.09.2020 Online Student Development Program organized by ICFAI Business School in collaboration with Shri Shikshayatan College (Department of BBA) on “Role of Financial Business Analytics in Current times”. Prof. Samprit Chakrabarti, Alumnus, IIM Kozhikode Zoom Meeting
12.09.2021 Webinar organized by ICFAI Business School in collaboration with Shri Shikshayatan College (Department of BBA) on “Green marketing initiatives in the post-pandemic era”. Prof. Mayank Ranjan, Faculty, IBS Mumbai Zoom Meeting
26.09.2023 Communicate with Confidence (Soft Skill Development) … View Report The Department of Business Administration, SSC in collaboration with IBS (ICFAI Business School) Room no 215
09.10.2023 Career Counselling ‘Questions on GMAT’ … View Report Department of Business Administration, SSC in collaboration with GMAC (Graduate Management Council) and Erudite Room no 215
ALUMNI The BBA students are known for their excellent academic performance with brilliant results throughout where every year students secure good ranks in the University. Most of the students are well placed in the industry while others have chosen to become entrepreneurs in their respective fields.