Hindi Diwas


Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14th of September every year. It is a day dedicated to our National Language, Hindi. It marks the day on which Hindi language was declared as the official language of Union of India.

The first Hindi Day was celebrated in 1953. In fact, after independence, on 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly had decided to make Hindi the official language of the country. At that time, most of the work of the government was done in English. But, given the multi-coloured culture of the country, the need was felt for a language that would connect most parts of the country. After much deliberation, Hindi was chosen as the official language for this.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated annually to honour and promote Hindi language. Many literary and cultural events are organized on this day across the country, wherein people celebrate great works of Hindi literature.

Year / Date Title Speaker Activities
7/9/2017 Aaj Ke Pariprekshya Mein Sahitya Kyon Dr. Priyankar Paliwal (Sr. Hindi Officer, Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute) 1) Creative Writing 2) Kavya Poster 3) Extempore
14/9/2018 Bhasai Sankat : SambhawnayenEvmChunautuyan Prof Arun Hota(West Univ. State,Barasat) 1) Creative Writing 2) Kavya Aawriti
3/9/2019 Bhasha Ka Vyawhar Sri Mrityunjoy Shrivastava (Writer & Poet) 1) Creative Writing 2) Extempore
16/9/2021 Shiksha Aur Bhartiya Bhashayen Shri Prempal Sharma (Ret. Exe Director, Ministry Of Railway NIL, Online Mode