Gargi Chaudhuri

Gargi Chaudhuri (BATCH-2005)

 Associate Professor (Geography And Earth Science)

University Of Wisconsin – La Crosse

“Shikhshayatan as an institution provided us with beautiful and safe environment and our professors shaped our lives and professional growth. Shikshayatan provided a perfect transition from school to college education. As an educator now, I appreciate the duality that was created by our professors in the department. On one hand, they gave us the appropriate resources to excel in university exams, encouraged us to critically think and explore academic inquisitions beyond the curriculum. On the other hand, we were expected to adhere to certain behavioral standards that most of us followed in high school. As a young adult, we tried to defy and critique such behavioral regime. However, in retrospect, I feel it helped a lot of us from going astray at a transitional and impressionable stage in our lives. Although the professors were strict, but we knew that they are helping us to achieve our full potential and succeed in future endeavors. In future, I hope Shikshayatan maintains its’ tradition of providing finest education and enhance its capabilities to support and shape future women professionals and impart democratic values. “