Debating Society


Harping upon the college motto of ‘Power to Her’, the Debating Society of SSC believes that only in procuring pure knowledge does true power lie. When it comes to the art of debating, we encourage seeking further and beyond to polish all the untold skills that make a debater a master of oration; we choose to emphasise not only on speaking skills but put equal importance on teamwork, research, critical thinking and diction.

A strong sense of community ties the Society together, with passionate members coming in from various walks of life and distinctly different backgrounds, forming a sparkling multilingual milieu that strives to be all-inclusive. As one of the biggest and oldest societies of the college, we strive to uphold the legacy with the same vigour and fervour whilst simultaneously attempting to reach newer heights everyday.

We look forward to meeting you across the podium, may the best speaker win.

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Core members’ details :
President – Stuti Mathur Email-
Deputy President– Diyaa Chakraborty Email-
Secretary– Aastha Vikas Email-