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Shri Shikshayatan College’s Bengali Creative Society Chorcha was officially formed in 2016. Since then the society has been one of the most active sections of the college for the students. The society today functions with a deep rooted reverence for mother tongues, especially the sweet language of Bengali, our mother tongue here.

Charcha aims at creating a community of like minded students to celebrate, discuss, safeguard and throw light upon the prodigious culture of Bengali. The society also continuously aspires to be a hub of creativity for the students willing to perform and work. Charcha aims to give its members a platform for showcasing their crafts.

With numerous events held both in Bengali and trilingual forms (consisting of Bengali, English, and Hindi) the society aims at creating a strong sense of harmony between the cultures. The Bengali Creative Society Charcha aims to organize regular activities for students that uphold the fabric of their roots and helps them fly their thoughts at the same time.

Activity Reports

The Debating Society of Shri Shikshayatan College was established with the objective to mentor and empower the students with the strength of words and wit and the art of effective public speaking. It is through the art of debating that students learn to form and present different takes on relevant issues and also understand the importance of the delicate balance and coexistence of opposing viewpoints in the practical world. The DebSoc provides students with a space where they can voice their ideas and learn to substantiate their opinions with factual and logical arguments.

The Society undertakes intra-college events like the Freshers’ Debate and the Annual Intra-College Debate to groom students and build their confidence so that they can represent the college in various debate competitions. Since 2016, the Debating Society has also been organising Elenchus- an annual inter-college debate competition where students from various reputed Colleges and Universities in the state compete. Furthermore, members of the society regularly participate in several state and national level debates and MUNs organised by other institutions and engage in peer-to-peer mentorship to improve each other’s public speaking skills.

DEBSOC Achievements

Established in November 2022, the *Electoral Literacy Club* envisions creating a community where every student is acutely aware of their duty as a citizen of the country – the duty of Voting. The ELC strives to uphold the sanctity of the democratic process and attempts to create awareness among students or young voters about the significance of this Right. Moreover, it attempts to educate students on various electoral processes, making the electoral process accessible to all. It attempts to enable critical thinking on issues related to democracy, election rights, and other related areas of knowledge.
Currently, the Core Members of the ELC are
Muskan Singh, Ishika Samajdar, Srishti Ganguly, Debopriya Ray, Twinkle Hemani, Aratrika Ghosh, Iqra Ali, Shaily Preyadarshi, Aratrika Bose, Maryam Faruque, Arshita Raha, Divya Surana, Arshe Sharma, Rudrani Chattopadhya, Senjuti Das, Simran Tripathy, Simran Singh, Rishika Sarkar, Dhwani Punamia.
The ELC has organised its first event – an Intra-college Quiz Contest on *Indian Politics and Elections* on the 22nd of March, 2023. It aims to hold frequent enthralling events in the near future to garner support for the cause in an educational yet entertaining way.

IMPRINT : Mark Your Words

The English Literary Society, Shri Shikshayatan College

Date of Establishment : August 8, 2016


The Literary Society of the Department of English, Shri Shikshayatan College is a students’ society, run by students under the supervision of the faculty members of the Department.

The purpose behind the Society is to give students a platform to explore and express their creative ideas on everything concerning literature, culture and arts. Initially established for only students of the English Department, the Society has now widened its horizon to include students of other Departments as well, who have a love for literature and are eager to participate.

The Society organizes Literary Fests, Book Talks, Panel Discussions on various genres of literature, authors and publications. Anniversaries of famous authors/publications/events in literary history are celebrated to enhance students’ knowledge and interest in literature. Intra and Inter-College Competitions, Play Reading, Skits, Quiz, Creative Writing and a host of other literary events are organized during such celebrations for greater interaction and exchange of ideas among students of other colleges and those of the Department.

The Society aims to include more interesting literary activities in its academic calendar to enhance a love of literature and cultivation of humanistic values among students, an aspect which serves the real purpose behind literature in its universality.



There is an obligatory dependence of mankind on nature. Protecting nature and natural resources from any kind of depletion is a compulsion to ensure our sustenance. Nature related activities in an institution is a good practice to develop an understanding of nature and natural resources from all aspects as well as planning and execution of issue based activities. Therefore, Nature Club, Shri Shikshayatan College is having the following objectives:-

  1. To sensitize, motivate and educate students about conservation of environment.
  2. To create awareness among society about environment and related issues.



Transport, Electricity & Water Audit is annually undertaken by the institution since 2014. A questionnaire based survey is conducted on behalf of nature club involving nature club volunteers. Transport data is collected from students, teaching staff, office staff and non teaching staff. Total electrical energy consumption, water consumption etc. are also taken into consideration. Data analysis is done by WWF, India and report is generated accordingly.


Conservation of water has become a big challenge today. So, we must not ignore our responsibilities in this regard. Rain water harvesting, waste water recycling etc. are very difficult to implement in our campus. We are mainly dependent on water supply of Calcutta Municipal Corporation. All pipeline and tap has been installed and maintained in such a way that we can ensure minimum wastage of water in our college premises. We always try to create awareness about the necessity of water conservation. Our green campus initiatives include restricted entry of automobiles inside the campus, planting trees etc. We always try to minimize the consumption of electricity installing electric bulbs like CFL, LED etc. All lines of electricity are regularly been checked to avoid any kind of leakage. College campus has been declared “NO PLASTIC ZONE” in the year 2019.Awareness campaign has been conducted in this regard.

Nature Club Report

QUIDRA: The Quiz and Drama Society of Shri Shikshayatan College

Date of establishment: August 12, 2016.

The Quiz and Drama Society of Shri Shikshayatan College – QUIDRA – with the tagline: “Quenched by Quiz, Driven by Drama” – is a students’ society, run under the supervision of the Convenors and other faculty members.

The Society looks forward to organize as well as encourage the students to participate in Intra and Inter-College Quiz and Drama events. This is a platform to interact with other colleges, to take their best and to share our best.

The valuable Theatre Workshops by various eminent personality have enriched the perception of the students towards stagecraft and acting. The students of the Society have represented the college in various Inter-College events and the State organized Quiz and Extempore Competition based on the Youth Parliamentary Affairs.

The Society aims to include more interesting activities in its academic calendar pertaining to the world of theatre, skill development, performance, quiz and other interactive sessions.

Students’ Consulting Club

Core Team

Name Designation
Noor Warisha Ali President
Ritika Soni Secretary
Harshita Lohia Head of Corporate Relations
Vaishnavi Gurung Head of Management and Growth
Masoom Bardia Head of Research and Development
Samriddhi Dolawat Head of Marketing and PR


Debdatta Mukherjee
Riya Jain
Sudhriti Kar
Prapti Guha
Suhani Adhikari
Ahana Roy
Oyindrila Banerjee
Simran Shaw
Hrishita Mukherjee
Priya Pandey
Tanima Dey
Apeksha Baid
Yukta Lalwani


The SSC Students’ Consulting Club is a student-led association and aims to educate young individuals in the fields of consulting, strategy and public policy, networking opportunities to build a career in these fields, and opportunities to promote extracurricular excellence. The Club hopes to achieve the same by organizing seminars, workshops, case competitions and other events to enable the student fraternity in improving their soft skills and evaluating career options. The Club will utilise the efforts of its members and create a learning environment for aspirants and conduct speaker sessions so they are aware of the best practices of the industry from the industry experts.

The Club has successfully organised online sessions on Linkedin Optimization, Resume Building and Introduction to Case Studies in 2021. On 8th & 10th December, 2022 the Club organised its first offline event- a Case-study competition at its Campus- Brief-A-Case 2022, brought to fruition with support of respected Principal Madam Dr. Aditi Dey, Faculty members of the Department of Commerce (Evening) and efforts of all student members.

What’s in it for the students?

Sessions on

  • Just for members. (Sessions on Consulting, Strategy, Marketing, Investment Banking, How to write a research paper?)
  • Open to everyone in College (Sessions on resume building, LinkedIn optimization, insight into investment banking)

Training sessions – Orientation, Consulting 101, Framework training, Case Solving, The art of networking, Guesstimates, Recommendations for all of the above.

Resources: Resume Templates, Interview Guides for Consulting, Finance, HR, Marketing, Case Books, Research Reports, Internship Opportunities.


Linkedin Optimization (Speaker Session)

DATE: 12th March, 2022

TIME: 2:00 P.M. – 3:00 P.M.

VENUE: Google Meet

NAME OF SPEAKER: Dhairya Gangwani

TOPIC:  Linkedin Optimization and Growth


OUTCOME:  Ms. Dhairya Gangwani took up an insightful session on the topic Linkedin optimization and growth. She provided a basic idea on how to make one’s Linkedin profile eye-catching and grow one’s network on it along with detailed explanation on each aspect of one’s Linkedin profile. She also provided an overview on the algorithm of Linkedin. The programme ended with an interactive session where a lot of questions and answers were taken up.

NAME OF THE EVENT–  Resume Building (Webinar)

DATE: 24th April, 2022

VENUE: Google meet, YouTube Live stream

NAME OF SPEAKER: Ms. Sneha Gupta

TOPIC: Resume Building Session: Sneha Gupta


OUTCOMES: Comprehensive session was conducted by Ms. Gupta on preparing one’s resume. Important highlights of the session included

  • common mistakes that students do, like putting pictures, giving loud headers, background noise, etc.
  • the importance of owning one’s resume
  • the age-old hunt of finding the “correct” format of a resume no longer exists
  • getting to know how to keep the resume compact in terms of CV was another add on
  • reading the job description first and then putting in the skills that are relevant to the position
  • understanding each and every word written in the resume, not to lie about anything
  • important to do one’s SWOT analysis first before writing a resume


NAME OF THE EVENT: Brief – a – Case ( Intra- College Case Study Competition)

DATE: 08.12.2022 (Elimination Round- Quiz) and 10.12.2022 (Finale Round- Presentation)

VENUE: Shri Shikshayatan College

NAME OF JUDGE: Dr Abhik Mukherjee

NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS (STUDENT): (Elimination Round- Quiz- 100), (Finale Round- Presentation- 35)


OUTCOME: The students who organized and participated in the ‘Brief-a-Case ’22’ event had the opportunity to develop their business acumen, improve their ability to think outside the box, and showcase their presentation skills. They also had the chance to sharpen their public speaking abilities. Through solving a business case, they were able to test and demonstrate these skills. Additionally, the two-day offline event gave them a great platform to connect and network with their peers. During the breaks, the Core Team also organized Guesstimates and Brain Teasers, which provided an additional learning opportunity for the students to improve their analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.


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Shikshayatan Entrepreneurship Society

Founders & Core Team Members Name-

1) KANKONA DAS – President & Founder

2) AYUSHI BURNWAl- President & Founder

3) AQSA AYAZ- Founder & Head-Operations & Growth

4) HRISHITA MUKHERJEE- Head- Marketing

5) SHELLI BANERJEE- Head- Public Relations


Name of Associates-

Marketing Department-







Operations and Growth Department-




Public Relations Department-





Overview– Shikshayatan Entrepreneurship Society is the student wing of the institute E-Cell Shri Vriddhi. A society of students and for students the Shikshayatan Entrepreneurial Society (SES) serves as a platform for nurturing entrepreneurial skills, fostering innovation, and providing a platform for students to develop business acumen, network with like-minded individuals, and expand their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship. We conduct various events, competitions, and quizzes regularly. We conduct seminars and webinars by inviting guest speakers to share their entrepreneurial mindset and learnings. We aim to provide a space for all like-minded students to grow and develop in our students’ society.


Benefits for the students

  1. Entrepreneurship Skill Enhancement: Students get to learn about various aspects of starting and running a business, including market research, product development, financial management, marketing, and sales.
  2. Networking opportunities with peers and industrial experts: Participation in entrepreneurship programs provides students with valuable networking opportunities. They can connect with like-minded peers who share their passion for entrepreneurship.
  3. Personality Development: Entrepreneurship programs often focus on fostering traits such as leadership, resilience, adaptability, and communication skills, which are essential for success in both business and personal life.
  4. Hands-on experience from competitions: These hands-on experiences allow students to test their ideas, validate their business models, and gain practical insights into the entrepreneurial process. Winning or even participating in such competitions can boost their confidence and credibility.
  5. Live sessions with mentors, startup founders: Interaction with mentors and successful startup founders through live sessions provides students with valuable guidance, advice, and inspiration.

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