Dr. Sefa Parveen

Dr. Sefa Parveen (SESSION:2007-2010)- Achiever Award 2014

A CSIR/UGC and INSPIRE fellow with a masters in Molecular Biology with 5 years of research experience in the novel Next Generation Sequencing Technology.

“Shri ShikshayatanCollege, Kolkata has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. It has enriched my life in diverse ways. The Department of Botany of this college has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my abilities, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world, people and concepts in general and eventually enabled me to become confident in my way of putting forth my talent. The Faculty members of college instilled into me the gift of thinking critically and asking questions in many situations. All these aspects of this college have also made me more well-rounded as a person. It has been easier for me to achieve these opportunities because my teachers taught me the value of seeing opportunities and making the most of it. These experiences are truly irreplaceable and I would not trade them for anything.”