International Literacy Day


International Literacy Day, 8th September, has been observed by the Department of Education, Shri Shikshayatan College, since 2009. It was conceptualized as an intra-college event which would give students of various departments a platform to participate in the programme organized by the Department of Education centering around the theme of literacy. Guest speakers associated with various organizations are also invited to share their experiences of working in the field of literacy. This annual event has become a much-awaited fixture in the calendar of the Department of Education. Through the programme, the students are given an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and role in different aspects of literacy and education, thus fulfilling the aim of the department to build a sense of love and responsibility for the subject in the students. The programme is also marked by the release of the annual departmental journal “Expressions”.

International Literacy Day, 2017 :

On 4.9.17, the International Literacy Day was observed by the Department of Education with an intra-college Slogan-writing contest. Also, a workshop on Special Education was conducted by the Programme Officers of the NGO ‘Sanchar’.

International Literacy Day, 2018 :

The International Literacy Day, 2018 was observed on 7.9.18 in collaboration with the NSS Unit of the college. The student members of NSS gave a presentation on their activities in the past year in the slums of Tiljala, Kolkata. The students of the Education department presented their findings on a survey conducted by them on the education of underprivileged children. Our Guest Speaker, Ms. Manjusmita Bagchi, was the Programme Officer of the NGO ‘Ektara’. Ms. Bagchi spoke about her organization’s work on education of children in the slum areas of Kolkata.

International Literacy Day, 2019 :

The International Literacy Day, 2019, was observed on 9.9.2019. Students of the departments of Journalism & Mass Communication, Economics and Education, presented papers on various aspects of literacy. Our Guest Speaker was Mr. Protik Banerjee, Senior Manager, CRY. He spoke on the various schemes of CRY in the field of education and literacy in some of the remote and underdeveloped areas of India.

International Literacy Day, 2020 :

On 8.9.20, a virtual programme was organized on the occasion of International Literacy Day. The theme of the programme was ‘Role of Literacy & Learning in the Pandemic Situation’, and was also the focus of the talk delivered by our Guest Speaker, Dr. Arundhati Sarkar, Director, Manochetna, the Educational & Research wing of Manovikas Kendra, Kolkata. Students presentations were on the activities of the NSS Unit of our college by a student member, and a report on the findings conducted by the students of the Education department on Reading & Learning experience.

International Literacy Day, 2021 :

The International Literacy Day, 2021 was organized on 8.9.2021, on a virtual platform. The Guest Speaker was Mr. Protik Banerjee, State Coordinator, Chattisgarh, Room to Read India Trust. Mr. Banerjee spoke on the efforts made by his organization to bring education and literacy to the deprived children in various remote areas of Chattisgarh. A presentation on the activities of the NSS Unit of the college was given by a student member, and it was followed by a paper presentation by the students of the Education department on Learning Loss during the pandemic.