Associate Professor Dr. Debnita Chakravarti, M.A., Ph.D
Associate Professor Dr. Malini Mukherjee, M.A., Ph.D
Assistant Professor Smt. Baidehi Mukherjee, M.A., M.Phil
Assistant Professor Smt. Debolina Guha Thakurta, M.A., M.Phil
Contractual Full Time Teacher Smt Tamoghna Datta, M.A.
Guest Lecturer Smt Mita Mukherjee, M.A., M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Dr Gautam Sengupta, M.A., Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer Dr Santanu Ganguly, M.A., Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer Dr Angshuman Mukherjee , M.A., Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer Smt Indrani Ray , M.A., M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Dr Kalapi Sen , M.A., Ph.D.
Guest Lecturer (Buddhist Studies) Dr Saheli Das (Sarkar) , M.A., Ph.D.

Excellent teacher-student ratio – 5.45

Among the top 3 colleges under Calcutta University that offer PG English, based on results of the last 10 years. Several First Classes, including University ranks. 90% students score above 55% on an average.

Several internships have been facilitated by the department at prestigious news agencies and publishing houses.

Collaborative Translation Workshop (for both teachers and students) with CENTIL, Jadavpur University

Special Lectures by eminent scholars

IMPRINT -English Literary Society and IMPRESSIONS – Literary Fest

Programs/webinars/workshops/conferences/special lectures oragnised by the department

Date Title of the program Name of resource person Platform
 11 and 14 February 2021 Special lectures on Modern European Classiscs Dr Gautam Sengupta Impartus
29-Apr-21 Translation Workshop Dr Sayantan Dasgupta Google Meet
JOURNALS  Ruminations – 2020-21

ALUMNI Some of our students go on to do higher degrees by research and have cleared the examinations for college level teaching. A large number enrols for B.Ed. courses and are employed by renowned schools. We have ex-students who are journalists and PR executives, and a few have qualified for civil services.