YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT: 1956 : General | 1995 : Honours

Associate Professor Dr.Susmita Sen, M.Sc.,Ph.D
Associate Professor Dr. Nivedita Roy Barman, M.Sc.,Ph.D
Associate Professor Dr. Jayati Das, M.Sc., B.Ed,Ph.D
Assistant Professor Dr. Sushmita Gupta, M.Sc., B.Ed,Ph.D
Contractual Full Time Teacher Ms. Ritubarna Pratihar, M.A.,B.Ed
Guest Lecturer Ms. Indu Mundhra, M.Sc.
Guest Lecturer Ms. Pramita Roy, M.Sc. M.Ed.
Guest Lecturer Ms. Sreeya Bhattacharyya, M.Sc.
Guest Lecturer Ms. Shrestha Saha, M.Sc. B.Ed.

Participation of students in Citizen Science programme – A Collaborative Research project of Geography and Botany department with WILDROOTS, an NGO since 2016.

Publication of Departmental Journal‘Vasudha’ since 2009.The last two volumes of the journal(Volume 11 &12) were published as e-journals during the pandemic.

Every year several seminars, special lectures and workshops are organized by the department for the enrichment of the students. Two workshops, organized by the department in collaboration with UG BOS(Geography) and Faculty Council for Undergraduate Studies, University of Calcutta on ‘Implementation of CBCS in UG studies in Geography(Semester 1&2) in 2018 and (Semester3& 4) in 2019 deserve special mention.

Emphasis on student activities like paper presentations, preparation of wall magazines etc. on environmental and social issues on Active Learning Day every year.

GIS Add-on courses organized by the department every year for the final year students in collaboration with Opsis System Pvt.Ltd.

Academic Counselling for the final year students every year by alumnus for guiding them in structuring their future career.

The students are encouraged to contribute in ‘Impact’, the college annual research journal.

The students are encouraged to do internships in other universities and NGOs.

A solid foundation provided to the students at the undergraduate level that later enables them to pursue higher education in reputed institutions throughout the country as well as abroad.

Many students take active part in various social work as a member of the Social Welfare Committee or NSS (Extension Services) of the college.

Programs/webinars/workshops/conferences/special lectures oragnised by the department

Date Title of the program Name of resource person Platform
26.6.21 National Webinar on Problems and prospects of water and waste  management in Mumbai Dr. Baishakhi Dutta , Dr. Chandani Bhattacharya Impartus
25.2.21 GIS Workshop on ‘Geomatics for Terrain Application.’ OPSIS PVT LTD Google Meet
22.12.21 GISWorkshop on ‘Image Processing and Web GIS’ APIRADIX Google Meet
6.2.21 Career Counseling of final semester students ‘Towards a Vibrant career”by Alumnus Sreenandini Banerjee Google Meet
11.6.21 Orientation of final Semester students on ‘GIS and its future Prospects’ by Alumnae Soniya Srivastava,Amrita  Bharati Google Meet
29.6.21 Orientation of final year students on ‘Possibilities and prospects of population studies’ by Alumnus Dr.Ankita Siddhanta Google Meet
JOURNALS Volume-13 Vasudha – 2021

Volume-12 Vasudha – 2020

Volume-11 Vasudha – 2019

ALUMNI After the successful completion of graduation course, a large percentage of students of the department, pursue Masters’Degree in not only the core subject but also in Geographical Information System(GIS), Social Work, Disaster Management, Forest Management, Environmental Management, Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Population Studies, Tourism and Travel Management.
After the completion of their Masters’ degree, many of them pursue academic research work in different renowned institutions or secure employmentin the field of administration as Collector or as GIS developer, GIS Analyst, Regional and Urban Planner, Travel and Tourism Planner and Advisor, Entrepreneur, teacher in different private and government institutions.
Some of the illustrious alumni are enumerated below:
1. Pausumi Basu (2000) Collector and DM, Vikarabad District, Telangana.
2. Arnesha Guha (2002) Academic Director at Scientific and Environmental Research Institute, Member Secretary of International Benevolent Research Foundation and Deputy Secretary at Confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi
3. Sreenandini Banerjee(2013)- Former member of Smart City
Fellowship program at Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. Presently working at National Institute of Urban Affairs, New Delhi.