Lina Ray Memorial Lectures


  1. 30.08.2016

Speaker : Dr. Srish Chatterjee, Professor of Finance, Fordham University, New York

Topic : A Conversation About Teaching

Professor Chatterjee, in his usual friendly manner, delivered his own speech to the students and teachers present.  Following the title of the lecture, he shared his own perception of teaching and how he got into the field of teaching through simple and sincere conversations.  In addition to interpreting and analyzing his views, his own feelings and recollections of the past came forth again and again. His sincere discourse made the whole program enjoyable and instructive.

  • 16.08.2017

Speaker : Professor Biswajit Roy, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Statistics, Presidency University, Kolkata.

Topic : The Utility and Importance of Statistics for A Teacher

The focus of this year’s lecture was on the use and importance of statistics in classroom teaching.  Although the subject was not easy for all the audience, the eloquence of Professor Roy and the simplicity of his interpretation, engrossed the audience.  From the various examples he has given, it was easily realized how a teacher can make effective use of statistics in assessing the qualitative and quantitative progress of his students. The whole discussion became very interesting for everyone because of the simplicity of the language and the ease of interpretation. Students actively participated in the interactive session.

  • 31.08.2018

Speaker : Dr. Sohini Dhar, Professor of History of Art, Faculty of Visual Art, Rabindra Bharati.

Topic : “Correlation between Art and Society”

Dr. Sohini Dhar, Professor of History of Art at the Faculty of Visual Art, Rabindra Bharati University who was the guest speaker for the occasion delivered a lecture on “Correlation between Art and Society” She also made an enthralling presentation on paintings which enlightened the students and Faculty alike on the different forms of paintings, their origin, history and relevance even in the present times and society.  The erudite speaker also threw light on the position of art, both in the national and international scenario. She also spoke on how art is the language, the medium, that helps one to transcend the mundane world and explore the depth of the world of aesthetics.

  • 25.09.2019

Speaker : Sri Arindam Sengupta, Teacher of English, Hare School, Kolkata.

Topic : Language Across the Curriculum.

Beginning with a question – “What is language?”  Which was directed to the students, Sri Sengupta made the session interactive and interesting at the very outset. Next, he elaborated on the concept of Language Across the Curriculum that is language learned should not be restricted to the language classes alone but should take place through all the subjects and activities of the Curriculum. He aptly mentioned the SWANN Report (1985) and the goals of Language Across the Curriculum. He also explained the concepts of BICS (basic interpersonal communication skill) and CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency) and the significance of the term ‘discourse competence’ of both the students and the teachers. In this context he also emphasized the need of scaffolding and error correction in classroom discourse. He finally rounded up by stating the importance of the teacher’s role in helping the students to develop their communicative skills. The lecture was an enriching experience for the students and the faculty alike. The interaction between the speaker and the audience made it a lively and interesting session.