YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT: 1955: General | 1996: Honours

Designation Name & Qualification
Associate Professor Dr. Devaleena Sinha, M.A., Ph.D.
Associate Professor Smt. Piu Roychowdhury (Guha), M.A., M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Bidisha Roychowdhury, M.A., M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Aditi Bose, M.A. , M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Shreya Ghatak, M.A., M.Phil.
Guest Lecturer Smt. Sudarshana Banerjee, M.A.
  •  Consistent good results in university examinations with several rank holders.

            2017 – 3rd

            2019 – 2nd, 4th

  • Heritage trips and Visits to places of historical interest
  • Special Lectures, Book Talks, Active Learning Day Students’ Presentations, Inter-Departmental Seminars are organized.
  • Publication of Wall Magazines

Programmes/webinars/workshops/conferences/special lectures oragnized by the department

Date Title of the programmme Name of resource person/Organization Platform
24/02/2021 Empowerment Of Women And The History Of The Revival Of Kantha Art Dr. Rituparna Basu Google Meet
10/04/2021 Revisiting Vidyasagar : Social Reform And The Women’S Question In Colonial Bengal (Web Lecture) Dr. Aparna Bandyopadyay Google Meet
20/04/2021 and 21/04/2021 The Making And Unmaking Of The Goddess : Women And Religion Across Space And Time (Two Day National Webinar In Collaboration With Department Of History And Iqac, Women’S Christian College) Dr. Ratnabali Chatterjee, Dr. Sudeshna Banerjee,Dr. R. Mahalakshmi, Dr. Rohini Dharmapal And Dr. Sarottama Majumdar Google Meet and Facebook Live
19/4/22 Preservation, Conservation And Restoration Of Heritage Properties : Issues Raised In Developing Countries Partha Ranjan Das, Member, West Bengal Heritage Commission Google Meet
16/9/22 Reformation And Europe : Impact On Religion, Society And Politics Dr. Susmita Mukherjee Offline – College Premises
28/11/22 Colonial Impact On Indian Economy And Society(In Collaboration With The Department Of Economics) Inter-College Students’ Paper Presentation Offline – College Premises
21/09/23 World Peace Day —View Report Organised by – Department of History, Shri Shikshayatan College in collaboration with the Departments of Philosophy, History and IQAC, Women’s Christian College Auditorium, Women’s Christian College
20/12/23 Active Learning Day —View Report Organised by – Department of History, Shri Shikshayatan College At College
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