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Imprint is the literary society of Shri Shikshayatan College , Kolkata. The impetus and the name came from our Principal Dr. Aditi Dey, the roadmap was provided by our teachers, and we set forth on a new journey. The society is administered by students under the guidance of the faculty members of the English Department - Dr. Debnita Chakravarti , Dr.Malini Mukherjee, Dr. Tania Chakravertty, Smt. Baidehi Mukherjee, Smt. Debolina Guha Thakurta and Smt. Antara Ghatak.

It is an attempt to engage with literature more fully than the mere dictates of the syllabus. To allow what we read to upgrade not only our CVs but our identities, and improve not just our job-market worth but also our individual values.


“IMPRESSIONS” is the annual inter-college literary fest of “IMPRINT:MARK YOUR WORDS”. It is a celebration of the word- spoken, written, sung, etched, and even implied- through a range of events that foster creativity.

Core Committee Members

Roshni Subramani


Beant Kaur


Radhika Mookerjee

Joint Secretary

Suvoshree Bhattacherjee

Joint Secretary

Aradhita Biswas


Jayeeta Bhowmick


Fatima Chakkiwala

Creative Head

Diyali Bhattacharya

Technical Director



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