Research by Students

Research by Students
Student ResearchCollaborative Research Project (Ongoing) : Students of Shri Shikshayatan College undergoing Citizen Science Programme by “WildRoots”- A Society for Environment Education, Bio-diversity Awareness & Conservation. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 RS/KAM(M)/263/J/13 Guwahati, Assam, India. were involved in a one day Avian Survey and Nature Walk at the CKBS,Narendrapur and Winter Avian survey at Santragachi lake, Howrah. Birds and butterflies observations around East Kolkata wetlands and Rajarhat area.

Click to View details of Avian Survey and Nature Walk at the CKBS,Narendrapur

Click to View details of Winter Avian survey at Santragachi lake, Howrah, West Bengal, Kolkata

Summer Projects
Bengali : Bangla Patachitra, Patachitra Samparke Kichu Dharana, Granthana : Tritiya Barsha, Samiksha O Shakhatkar : Praktan (Bangla Bibhag) -3rd Year (H), Batch 2016-17
Chemistry : Acetic acid content in different types of vinegar and probable cause of deviation -3rd Year (H), Batch 2016-17
Economics: India : No More an Under Developed Country -1st Year (H), Batch 2016-17
Education : Report on a survey on usage of library facilities -2nd Year (H), Batch 2016-17
English : LGBTQ in mythology: does it condemn it or commend it? -3rd Year (H), Batch 2016-17
Geography : Public use of urban open space – a case study of parks and waterbodies in the Kolkata Metropolitan Area -2nd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Mathematics : Real valued continuous function on [0,1] -2nd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Philosophy : The concept of self and liberation in indian thought -3rd Year (H), Batch 2016-17
Zoology : Avifaunal diversity in two different localities on Kolkata -3rd Year (G), Batch 2016-17
Bengali : Sahitya Theke Challachitra, Granthana : Tritiya Barsha O Ditiya Barsha , Samiksha O Shakhatkar : Praktan (Bangla Bibhag) -2nd Year (H) and 3rd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Economics : Emerging trends and patterns of employment of women in India in the post liberalization period -2nd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Education : A survey on the implementation and impact of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan on a school in Kolkata -2nd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
English : Adaptation of Shakespeare’s tragic plays in Indian Cinema -3rd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Hindi : Bhumandalikaran ke Mahol Mein Hindi -1st Year (H), Batch 2015-16
History : ‘Position of women in ancient & medieval India’ -1st Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Philosophy: Women Empowerment …A Myth or Reality ? -3rd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Political Science : State legislature a study on West Bengal Legislative Assembly -3rd Year (H), Batch 2015-16
Bengali : Nimnabarger Khsmatayan : Mahasweta Devi r “Aranyer Adhikar” -3rd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Botany : Flora analysis of the neighbourhood of Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata -2nd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Economics: Census 2001 & 2011 – India and West Bengal -1st Year (H), Batch 2014-15
English : William Blake : The Mystic -3rd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Geography : Spatial distribution of botanical species in and around Kolkata and their impact on human health -2nd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Hindi : Hindi Patrakarita Ka Samajik Awdan -1st Year (H), Batch 2014-15
History : Society in Ancient India -2nd Year (H), Batch 2013-14
Mathematics : Applications of differential equation -3rd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Philosophy: Why do we believe in God? -3rd Year (H), Batch 2014-15
Political Science: “Voting behavior of the first-time voters in the 16th lok sabha election” (2014) – An overview. -Jt. project between BA Political Science(H), 1st Year, Batch 2014-15 and BA JMC(H), 2nd Year, Batch 2014-15
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