B.Sc (Hons) – Geography

Geography (Hons.)

Course Structure with Distribution of Marks under 1+1+1 System of Examinations

Part – I examination (at the end of the first year, ordinarily in the month of June) Part – II Examination (at the end of the 2nd Year , ordinarily in the month of May) Part –III Examination ( at the end of the 3rd Year, ordinarily in the month of April)
a) Two Hons. Papers (Papers I & II : 200 Marks a) Two Hons. Papers (Papers III & IV) : 200 Marks a) 4 Hons. papers ( Papers V to VIII) 400 Marks
b) Elective Subjects (Paper I of 100 marks each of two elective subjects) 100×2 = 200 b) Elective Subjects (Paper II & III of 100 marks each of two elective subjects) 100x2x2 = 400 b) Environmental Studies: 100 Marks
c) Language Group : 100
i) Compulsory English -50
ii) MIL/Alt. English – 50
Total Marks : 500 Total Marks : 600 Total Marks : 500


1st Year
Paper -I Geomorphology and Hydrology
Paper IIA Economic Geography
Paper IIB Mapping Techniques
2nd Year
Paper -III Climatology, Soil Geography and Bio- Geography
Paper IVA Human Geography
Paper IVB Cartography
3rd Year
Paper –V Social, Political Geography and Regional Geography of India
Paper –VI Philosophy of Geography
Paper -VII Applied Geographical Techniques
Paper -VIII Statistical Techniques and Contemporary Issues in Geography
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